LA’s Favourite (& Only) REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA Shadowcast, ADDICTED TO THE KNIFE is back from hiatus!

Join us on JUNE 29TH at MIDNIGHT at the VISTA THEATRE in HOLLYWOOD.  Tickets are $10 at the door!  Don’t miss out! 

Queen of the Smileys reporting for nightgown-and-part-of-Opera Shilo Wallace! :D

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Check this shit out:

It’s a shadowcast performance of Repo! The Genetic Opera!

That zombie in the event photo?

That’s me from the last show :D

I perform as a Shi-clone (basically means I’m one of two people who play Shilo Wallace) once a month with these awesome people.


Info about next show in case you can’t see the link:

Because WE’RE ALL MAD HERE, Addicted to the Knife welcomes you to a new year, with an old philosophy. Here at the Vista Theatre, we won’t stand for things that aren’t much of a muchness. So, when people stop and stare and say, “Why are you dressed like it’s Halloween?”, the answer is: because EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN.

Join LA’s Favourite (and Only!) REPO! Shadowcast on this new, dark holiday. Shilo has fallen down the rabbit hole and can’t find her way home. Besieged by escaped inmates from Arkham Asylum, led by The Penguin, will she survive an island where everyone has gone insane? With the help of the Cheshire-Robber, can she escape the clutches of the monsterous legal assassin out to get her? And will she ever get to hear Christine Daae sing?

All will be revealed!

REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is a cult rock opera that spins a tale of a futuristic, dystopian society, crippled by a plague of organ failures and enslaved to GeneCo, the company that saved the world by offering cost-effective organ financing plans with a deadly catch. When debts go unpaid, the Largos - the founding family of GeneCo - send in their legal assassins, the Repo Men, to retrieve their property. In a world of corruption and surgical addiction, Shilo - the sick, sheltered daughter of GeneCo’s most feared Repo Man, Nathan Wallace - must find her way and uncover the shocking truth of her family’s dark, secret past. With a little help from the charismatic, omnipresent GraveRobber, she just might stand a chance!

Tickets are $10.50 at the door! See you at the Opera!

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Based on the Luigi and Shilo RP going on here on tumblr, which I gleefully read on my dashboard. Luigi’s latest comment inspired this.



Based on the Luigi and Shilo RP going on here on tumblr, which I gleefully read on my dashboard. Luigi’s latest comment inspired this.


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