you are still beautiful in my eyes

you are still beautiful in my eyes

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Not too long, this is a creepy one. 

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Monday: Dropping off family at Disneyland, picking up my Shilo nightgown comission, might hang out with Madmanwithsomesocks, depending.

Tuesday: Aquarium of the Pacific with Justyouaveragesupernerd and Madmanwithsomesocks

Wednesday: Cast only hang out at Didneylan


Friday: REPO AHH (also running around to various Goodwills)

Saturday: work (Emporium)

Sunday: work (Star Trader)

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an orgy of mockery: Although I have to say that, as someone who once shunned Homestuck and…



Although I have to say that, as someone who once shunned Homestuck and refused to have anything to do with it, that I don’t actually get when people are virulently against it.

I’m guessing that, for a lot of people, it’s what it was for me, and for me, there were two reasons I swore to avoid it…

oops wandered over here since you reblogged courtney’s reblog of me. Found this to be actually slightly enlightening. I’d like to state that I did in fact try to read Homestuck. I tried really hard and was just completely underwhelmed by everything. The style in which the comic is drawn/presented really puts me off. I have a terrible time trying to get past “poor quality” art comics, so much so that if the story isn’t immediately grabbing at me, I can’t bring myself to continue reading it. So I tried for a good while to see about this amazing storyline everyone kept ranting about. I just, could not find it. That and the fact that when I asked people about the ridiculous length of the story, they repeatedly told me it doesn’t get good until probably 100 or so pages in. If a comic/story doesn’t appeal to me within ten pages, I just put it down. I shouldn’t have to bog through pages upon pages to “get to the good parts”. So that’s why I’m not a fan of Homestuck. Its fine that people enjoy it so much. That’s fantastic that something can get so many people involved so intensely into it. Its great. I just, really don’t get it myself.

That part when someone else explains wonderfully on why I can’t do Homestuck.

Thank you.

Hmmm I thought I’d use this opportunity to come out of the closet

During the time I got really really sick like, a month ago, I started reading Homestuck just for shits and giggles.

I’m in the middle of Act 5….

And….. I fucking love it


I’ve spent most of my time hating on it and those who read it…. But damn man, I regret it. If you are a Homestuck and I’ve offended you in some way (EYFEY I WAS KIND OF A BITCH AHH) then I give you this opportunity to say HA I TOLD YA.

The sense of humor isn’t for everyone, and the art can be a little off-putting to some. (Later art is GORGEOUS though augh) I can totally respect your opinion to dislike it as much as I can respect your opinion to like it, now.

So um


I’m out of the Homestuck closet now


Honestly though the only reason I didn’t give it a try earlier is because of the creepy fandom. But I should know better than that, right? I mean, what if I judged Repo or TDC on the fandom? >_>;

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people who can write and draw

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Shit Anime Weeaboos Say


so accurate omg

i felt like this belonged here

This made me want to punch my computer screen; it’s that accurate.

Bad Japanese will win you a date with my fist.

oh my GOSH I entirely forgot how funny this is


I…. I did all of this. (except the ~desu~ thing)

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It’s my day off from Disney but I have to be at Hermosa Beach around 11am, and be there for 6-7 hours….

Hope I can find my ipod, might just steal my boyfriends since he left his here. Won’t be able to listen to any DW audios (they aren’t on this one) but at least there will be some good music to help pass the time! D:

so ya here goes like 4 hours of sleep before all that

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